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Five Small Ways to Keep Your House Decluttered and Clean

woman cleaning

“This will be the year I’ll keep my house clean and organized.” When you made that declaration on New Year’s Day, you fully intended to keep it, didn’t you? It’s mid-February now. How’s that resolution going?

If your answer is “Eh, not so well,” then Space Makers Junk Removal recommends five things you can do to get your clean house resolution back on track. Think of these things as mini-resolutions, bite-sized ways to help you keep your house decluttered and clean on a daily basis.


woman planning

Just like you may have created a workout schedule, create a cleaning/decluttering schedule. For example, if Tuesday is your yoga day, it can also be the day you always vacuum your living room. Just like you slot in thirty minutes for that yoga session, you can also slot in 20 minutes or less to do one important chore that day.

Another way to work a chore into your calendar is to make it part of another activity. For example, if you normally do your yoga workout in your bedroom, then take 5 minutes before or after your workout to run a vacuum over the carpet. Make that chore part of the yoga routine.

You can also use a calendar to schedule a chore by the week. The first week of each month might be when you always sweep out the garage. The second week might be when you always clean out the fridge. By scheduling a big chore—or one you don’t like—as something you only do once a week or once a month, that chore doesn’t seem so overwhelming. And by actually scheduling it, you get it done.


keys hanging

If you have one of those robot vacuums, you know that they’re programmed to “find home” when they’re done cleaning. Apply that process to the things you lose frequently, like your phone or your keys. Designate a “home base” for items, so that they always go there at the end of the day. Train your child to always put homework in a tray by the door each night, so it’s there to grab on the way out the next morning. Make your phone charging station the place where your phone goes home each night. Install a hook or designate a bowl for your keys to live in when they’re not in your car.


woman cleaning a bed

The minute you get out of bed in the morning, make the bed. As soon as you get home from work and slide out of your work outfit, toss it in the hamper or hang it back up. Don’t drop clothes on the floor with the idea that you’ll “pick them up later.” Just drained a glass of milk? Put the glass in the dishwasher right then. Make it automatic to clean up after yourself the moment you make the mess.


man stocking dishes

Got five minutes? Sort through the junk mail on your kitchen counter. Making a pot of coffee in the morning? Unload the dishwasher while it brews. Running bath water in a tub? Wipe down the bathroom sink area while you wait. Many basic chores take five minutes or less and can be done while you’re waiting for other things to finish. Use these small “cracks” in your day, and you can get a lot done.


image of a kitchen

Toilet bowl cleaners. Shower scum busters. Stainless steel sprays. The number of cleaning products out there is truly overwhelming. It’s easy to take one look under your kitchen sink—or wherever you store cleaning products—and say, “Gosh, I have so many products. That means I have so many things to clean!” And then you go do something else instead of cleaning, because the thought of tackling all that is daunting.

Guess what? You really only need two or three basic cleaning products for a home. You can use distilled vinegar to tackle a lot of surfaces, from countertops to toilets, or make your own cleaning solution using vinegar. Bleach is good to have on hand for deep cleaning and disinfecting sinks and toilets, especially after someone’s been sick. Or you can buy a multi-surface cleaner that can handle a lot of different surfaces.


man loading a truck

t’s hard to keep a home clean and organized if you have junk in the way. Not only is junk a physical hurdle to getting stuff done, it’s a mental hurdle, too. Junk is, simply put, an often overwhelming obstacle.

But it only takes a minute to call Space Makers, your local San Antonio area junk removal specialists, or go online to book a house cleanout by Space Makers Junk Removal. We can haul off old furniture, broken appliances, and mattresses. We can do responsible electronics disposal for your TVs and computers. We also do mattress removal and garage cleanouts.

Whatever is standing in the way of your New Year’s resolution to keep a cleaner, more organized house this year, we can get it out of the way.

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