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We Get Rid Of The Junk Orbiting Around Your Space!

Spring Cleaning can be fun!

How to Make Spring Cleaning Fun

two people dancing while cleaning

Have you seen them yet? Bluebonnets? In the San Antonio area, we know it’s officially spring when those bluebonnets start popping up in yards and along roadsides. In fact, searching for places to pull over and take photos in patches of bluebonnets has become a rite of spring for Central Texans.
The arrival of bluebonnets also signals that it’s time for another rite of the season, one that’s maybe not as enjoyable: spring cleaning. Decluttering a home and cleaning it from top to bottom can be immensely satisfying, or it can be a huge, overwhelming chore. Whether you’re in the yippee-give-me-a-broom camp or you’d rather be on a wildflower tour instead of vacuuming, you can turn spring house cleaning into something enjoyable.

10 Ways to Make Spring Cleaning Fun:

1. PUT ON SOME MUSIC. Boogie to classic rock, sway to country, or bop to K-pop—whatever you prefer. Pick up a scrub brush, use it as a microphone, and belt out your favorite show tunes.

2. LISTEN TO AN AUDIO BOOK OR PODCAST. Get lost in a mystery novel or find inspiration from an uplifting podcast—all without actually turning a page. Got a library card? Find free books on your local library’s Libby app. Or subscribe to a service like Audible

3. TALK ON THE PHONE. Call a friend to catch up, or check on a grandparent while you do quiet chores like folding clothes or ironing.

4. TALK LIKE A PIRATE. “Shiver me timbers! There be that DVD I thought some son of a biscuit eater plundered!” Make a task seem funny by pretending to be a character from a book or movie, especially if you’re trying to motivate kids to help out. The options are endless. Become a Shakespearean character as you dust the blinds. Channel your inner Julia Child while cleaning your stovetop. Mutter like Bill Murray in Caddyshack as you take out the trash. 

5. LEARN A NEW LANGUAGE. Use a language-learning app like Rosetta Stone or Babble to practice your Spanish or French or whatever language you want to learn to speak. As you clean, try to use that language to identify the tools you’re using or the objects/rooms you’re cleaning.

6. PLAY GAMES. Time yourself or others as they do tasks like picking up laundry and see who can do it fastest. Put on some music and have kids pick up as many toys as possible before the music stops. See who can “make a basket” by tossing items into a basket, box, or drawer.

7. QUIZ EACH OTHER. If you’re working alongside others, quote a line from a movie or book and see if they can guess where it came from. Or ask trivia questions. Award points for who guesses the most correctly; then give that person a prize.

8. PAMPER YOURSELF. Slather on a facial mask or give your hair a moisturizing treatment and leave it on while your work.
9. BURN A FEW CALORIES. Do lunges as you vacuum, or incorporate yoga moves as you scrub the shower. Use a step ladder for stair-stepping. Get your heart pumping by doing jumping jacks or burpees in between chores.

10. REWARD YOURSELF. Treat yourself to a bubble bath, a new book, or a nice dinner after you’re done cleaning up. Reward helpers, too, with small snacks, gifts, or a movie.

Of course, you can’t get the spring cleaning party started if you have a house full of clutter.

Space Makers Junk Removal can help with that. Call us today at 210-405-1410, and we’ll come haul off the junk standing in the way of a spotless house. Whatever it is—boxes, clothes, mattresses, appliances, furniture, exercise equipment—we’ll whisk it away and leave you with room to clean and organize your home or business.

And in no time, you’ll be out in the sunshine, cruising down roads, enjoying fields of bluebonnets and other wildflowers, because your spring cleaning will be in the rearview mirror!

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