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We Get Rid Of The Junk Orbiting Around Your Space!

Truck loaded with junk and a treadmill


person on a treadmil

So, you bought a treadmill. That’s great!

You’re going to actually use it, right?

A treadmill is the perfect exercise machine to keep you cardio fit when you don’t want to go outside because it’s raining or pollen levels are sky-high (we’re talking to you, cedar sufferers!) Or when it’s a typical San Antonio summer day: a million degrees and sticky, sticky, sticky.

The big question is, come summer, will you still be using that treadmill, or will you be draping clothes over it? At Space Makers Junk Removal, we get calls to haul off treadmills—or other heavy exercise equipment—all the time. And we try our best to find that treadmill a new home and keep it out of the landfill.

But we hope you’ll give your treadmill a chance to work its cardio magic on you. And to help with that, here are some tips for avoiding injuries and making sure you’ll get the most out of your treadmill.

  • PICK THE RIGHT PLACE. Set up on a floor that’s sturdy and level. Choose a space where you have two feet or more of free space on both sides and at least six feet off the back. You don’t want to get stuck between the treadmill and a wall or a couch if you fall off. Choose a spot with a view–out a window or near inspiring art or posters.

  • STREEEETCH. It’s easy to overdo on a treadmill. Stretch your leg muscles thoroughly—especially that Achilles tendon—before hopping on your machine. Stretch afterwards, too.

  • START SAFELY. Place your feet on the side rails, not the belt, THEN start the machine at its slowest speed. Grip the handrails and step carefully onto the belt. Go at a slower speed and lower incline at first, until you’re used to the belt’s movement. Then you can graduate to one of the programmed workouts once you’re comfortable with the machine.

  • USE THAT SAFETY KEY. If you fall, the key will come out and will stop the machine so you won’t end up with skin burns from a moving belt. Most treadmills have a button you can push, too, for an immediate stop. Know where that button is. NEVER TRY TO GET OFF THE TREADMILL WHEN IT’S MOVING, NO MATTER HOW SLOWLY IT’S GOING.

  • KEEP YOUR EYES UP. Looking at your feet can pull you off balance. And that leads to nasty falls.

  • CHANGE INCLINE AND SPEED SLOWLY. Doing so will help you keep control and will help you avoid injuries or discomfort.

  • KEEP THINGS INTERESTING. Prop your phone or tablet on the treadmill stand and catch up on Netflix or Hulu shows. Put your earbuds in and learn something new from a podcast or jam to a playlist. Challenge yourself with a workout app for treadmills or stay on past the time you set for your workout.

  • TONE YOUR MUSCLES, TOO. Alternate your walking with weights. For example, walk on your treadmill for 10 minutes, then stop the machine and step off to do 10 minutes of light weights.

  • KEEP YOUR MACHINE IN GOOD REPAIR. No one likes a saggy belt. Take a look at your machine’s manual to find recommendations for lubricating, tightening, or aligning the belt. Wipe down those sweaty hand grips and the control panel after each use.


Treadmills are a great way to get a good cardio workout year-round, but they aren’t for everyone. They take up a lot of space, they can make a lot of noise, and some people find them just plain boring.

But getting rid of such a huge, heavy piece of equipment isn’t easy, especially if it’s upstairs. If you want your treadmill—or other exercise equipment—hauled off, Space Makers Junk Removal can do it. Call or text us today at 210-405-1410 and we’ll walk your treadmill out the door!