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Five Ways to Prepare your Home NOW for Winter Weather


Winters can be mild in the San Antonio area, but as all Central Texas residents know, winter can also throw some really cold weather at us when we’re least prepared. Remember February 2021, when ice and snow paralyzed the region and homes lost power for long periods?

Now is the time to prep your home for any severe winter weather that’s in store for the 2023—2024 season. To help you do this, Space Makers Junk Removal has prepared a list of the five things you can do right away to protect your home from winter weather disasters.


frozen branches

During a winter storm, ice can collect on tree limbs and send them crashing onto power lines, taking out your electricity for hours, even days. Call a professional tree service to cut away any branches that could damage power lines near your home. Don’t try to trim trees near power lines yourself!



You don’t want your heating system to go out just as the temperature plunges. Service companies might be unable to reach you during a winter storm, and you’ll be stuck without heat possibly for days. Call a professional HVAC service company now to check your system and make any necessary repairs. Be sure you’ve changed out dirty filters inside your home, so your system won’t have to work so hard.



When the power goes out, a working fireplace can keep you warm and keep pipes from freezing in your home. Contact a professional chimney sweeping company to clean any buildup in your fireplace and remove any birds’ nests or other debris blocking your chimney.


insulating pipes

Now is the time to buy that insulation for exposed pipes and water lines. Don’t wait until the last minute to do this, or you might not be able to find insulation or heat lamps because stores sell out days before an impending storm. Also, remember to drip your faucets when the temperature drops below freezing.


woman holding a candle

Get together a basic kit now that will keep you safe and comfortable during any power outages. Some items include:

  • Nonperishable food items
  • Plenty of water—not just for drinking, but for cooking and hygiene, too
  • Warm clothes and blankets
  • Batteries
  • Flashlights, candles, lanterns, battery- or solar-powered light sources
  • Alternative heat sources like generators or firewood
  • Fuel for vehicles and generators
  • Medications—enough for several days
  • Portable chargers for your phone or other devices

Making these preparations now—instead of days before the first big storm of the season—will ensure that you stay safe and warm when the weather turns frigid and dangerous.

However, if your home does get damaged by falling tree limbs or burst water pipes, you can call Space Makers, your local junk removal professionals, to help you clean up after winter storm damage. We can haul off

  • water-damaged items: carpet, flooring, paneling, sheetrock, and furniture
  • appliances damaged by power surges: stoves, microwaves, refrigerators, freezers
  • electronics damaged by power surges or leaks: TVs, computers, printers

Space Makers Junk Removal will be there for you. CONTACT US!